Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections Plumber Brisbane


When you buy a new home, arranging a plumbing inspection before you sign can save you thousands of dollars.

As specialists in pre-purchase plumbing inspections, we cover Redlands, Logan and Brisbane.

Did you know: Building inspections do not cover the plumbing or drainage?  The most major plumbing problems are buried or concealed. This is why you need the help of experienced plumbers who use specialised Plumbing tools and equipment like CCTV drain cameras to find those damaging problems for you.

Don’t take a gamble with your investment — book a pre-purchase plumbing inspection to avoid a costly surprise after you have settled.

Our specialised inspections identify problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

95% of the houses we inspect have one or more plumbing issues, ranging from water hammer to tree roots in stormwater or sewer pipes.

Our detailed and easy-to-read inspection reports can include:

  • CCTV drain camera inspections of sewer and stormwater pipes
  • Pressure tests to assess water supply
  • Condition of flexible hoses to mixer taps
  • Condition reports of gutters and downpipes
  • Surface water checks for adequate drainage
  • Inspections of ventilation systems
  • Comprehensive examinations of hot water heaters, including their date and life expectancy.

Book a pre-purchase plumbing inspection and receive the vital information you need to make an informed decision.